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User: Pamela

I loved baking. Baking was like having sex with a stranger… everything that’s thrown together, not knowing how it will turn out and if there is chemistry or in my case, the right ingredients, then there will be an explosion of pure delight and ecstasy that bursts forth throughout the whole body bringing oodles of sinful pleasure, sending you back for more and if it doesn’t turn out right, you just keep trying again…it’s a fucking addiction… excuse the pun...but it’s true… you can’t get enough of the delicious stuff… sex and sugar… two of the sweetest most sinful pleasures on this earth. Knowing I was making my clients moan with delight when they took a bite out of my delicious cream filled puff pastries that were made with cherries or when they licked the icing off one of the decadently frosted cupcakes that was on display for all to see when they entered my sweet den of heaven were sounds of decadent delight to my ears. I am the proud owner of a very successful bakery and on the side as a hobby, I bake adults only exclusive use or for parties, cocks and vaginas, big heavy breasted cakes, Kamasutra cakes in all known sex positions and my favourite yet was the jelly cocks and vaginas that had condensed milk oozing out of them. They were magnificent! my vagina jelly’s vibrated and quivered and some of them could accommodate a flesh torch inside…hey! It’s not my fetish… but who am I to deny my clients that had that kind of kinky shit running around inside their heads.

Most nights when I was alone in my bakery… like tonight… I loved to bake naked with just my apron on. I loved the feel of the apron top rubbing against my nipples when I bent over to roll some dough, my breasts swinging in all their naked glory while the seam of the apron chafed my nipples as they rubbed against the fabric. Ok, so baking got me horny, and my erect nipples were always aching to be sucked like you would suck on a lollipop. Oh no wait!
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